What We Do


Air Blasting 

This process is very versatile because we can change media to meet almost any substrate. Air blasting allows us to blast heavy steel and one hour later blast thin sheet metal or even wood or plastic. We can meet your needs even if we must order a special abrasive. Check our list of common abrasives we have on hand.

Wheel Blasting

We have many machines that utilize this type of blasting. These machines normally keep the same abrasive in them as to not contaminate materials. We can blast parts from very small to very large with this process. High volume parts work particularly well in this process as the machine does most of the blasting.  

Shot Peening

This process strengthens the material in blast by compression and some time impregnation on the metal. Peening can be use on an array of many parts but is well know in the world of high performance engine parts as well as aircraft/aerospace use. 


We use a multitude of machines that can accommodate almost any part. This process uses media and compound to clean and deburr parts such as metal stampings, formed parts, and milled parts that need radiused. This process also can be use to polish parts as well. 

Parts Washing

Getting parts clean can be difficult. We have many options to get items clean - a power washer setup, a 40 ft. flow through parts washer and a dip tank that uses heat to increase the chemical efficiency. One bonus is that all of the oil and grease gets sent through our water treatment tanks and filter pressed out. 

Grinding & Polishing

Our capabilities allow us to grind large heavy castings all the way down to smaller items that need more delicate finishing. We have air tools as well as power tools that are sure to fit any job. Polishing normally takes longer due to the nature of that process. 

Burn Off Ovens

Burn-off ovens can really be beneficial to our process if something comes in coated and needs to be stripped. Traditionally, blasting powder coating or sometimes even fresh paint can really slow down our process. Another benefit of burn-off ovens is removal of water from metal so problems like flash rusting take longer. 


We know sometimes you want something done and you don't have a way to get it to us. We have a fleet of trucks that are always running in the city. We can also pick items up and take them to another contractor at your convenience.