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Our mission is to provide the highest quality surface preparation that our customers require, creating more value and to make a difference in the appearance of our customer's products at the lowest price, on time.

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Areas of Service

Abrasive blast services

We have multiple types of blasting services from air blasting, wheel blasting, and wet blasting. Specializing in different blast medias for each job makes us unique in that we don't offer just one type of cleaning process.

grinding and polishing

Struggling to grind down a weld or even just finish a part for aesthetic use? We have large grinders for big heavy castings, forgings or just tough welds. We also have multiple polishing tools that can accommodate almost any finish. 

vibratory & Tumble barrel services

Need something cleaned or deburred? With our set up of vibratory bowls and tumble barrels we can accommodate large parts like metal stampings or automotive intakes all the way down to parts like ball bearings or tie pins. 

burn-off ovens 

Parts are already coated and you want to get them back to bare metal? How do you get that coating off? Use one of our burn-off ovens. We can take a part with many layers of paint or powder coating back down to raw metal. We also can clean it after for re-coating. 

parts washing 

Can't seem to get your part clean or looking like new? Our set up includes a high pressure water nozzle that can almost clean grease and oil off by itself, but add in one of our cleaning compounds and it will be almost like new. 


You have a life and sometimes no time to deliver parts to us, so we offer trucking in all capacities. We can pick up a small box in our van or truck or larger parts can be picked up with a flatbed truck. We also can deliver it to another contractor or finisher after we are done with our process. 

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